Susanville Halts Proclamations to Develop Guidelines to Ensure Equity


Susanville will no longer make proclamations, at least for one year, until guidelines are established to govern them.

This decision followed a proposal by Councilmember Patrick Parrish, who believes city government should avoid involvement in social justice issues and prevent potential lawsuits.

The end of proclamations sparked concerns within the LGBTQ+ community, bringing a standing-room-only crowd to City Hall. Members suggested it aims to block a potential Pride Month proclamation expected next month. Despite these concerns, the council, on Councilmember Russ Brown’s recommendation, approved the one-year moratorium to address the need for clear proclamation guidelines.

Historically, Susanville has supported Pride Month, with proclamations issued over the last two years. The lack of a formal policy for proclamations has raised concerns about fairness and inclusivity, prompting the city to take action.

Councilmember Parrish clarified his position, emphasizing the need for clear guidelines to avoid divisiveness. He added that the government should focus on governance rather than social issues, ensuring equal access under the law and avoiding involvement in personal lives.

City Attorney Margaret Long estimated it would take three to six months to review similar policies from other government entities before guidelines could be presented to the council.

The pause on proclamations allows the city to develop and implement a policy to promote equity, transparency, and inclusivity in recognizing individuals, groups, or events.