Susanville Fire Departments Weed Abatement Deadline


Susanville Fire Department is reminding those who live in the Susanville City limits that June 26th is the deadline for the Weed Abatement. One must remove all hazards that need to be mitigated before the deadline.

Clearance projects consist of weeds, grass, or other combustible growth to be abated by mowing, disking, or scraping with a maximum height of 4 inches—removal of all fire hazards and burning wood around the home.

If one is not in compliance Chief Fire Marshal warns if weeds and hazards are not removed one will receive a service charge bill if a company has to do the removal.  Do reach out to your neighbors that are elderly and unable to perform these tasks to help prevent future fires. For more details, you can reach your local Fire Department, which has the final decision determining whether an area is “safe from the spread of fire” and conforms to the “intent of code.”