Susanville City Council to Meet Twice this Week

The city of Susanville will hold two meetings this week; tomorrow’s will be a special meeting for emergency repairs. Subfreezing temperatures caused a pipe to burst at Diamond mountain golf course, and to authorize immediate repairs; the council must convene Tuesday. City Administrator Dan Netwon detailed in the report that the pipe in the ceiling of the clubhouse had burst despite the facility maintaining a temperature of 55 degrees. The leak went unnoticed for a few days since the course is in its off-season. However, the Golf Course Manager made the discovery and immediately began to remove the water, causing moderate damage. The building is insured, and the necessary repairs will be covered. The city says they anticipate this will not delay the course’s opening by Mid-March. Yet to ensure that does happen, repairs must be completed immediately. The council will meet tomorrow at 8 am to authorize the emergency repairs and withgo the public contract bidding process.

Then come Wednesday, the city will meet with a light agenda. City staff has applied for a 3400 dollar reimbursement for disaster relief funding with FEMA and Cal OES for purchasing an emergency generator and necessary materials and supplies during the Dixie Fire. To continue applying for these funds, the city will have to appoint staff authorized to work with FEMA and CalOES. Those considered will be the City Administrator, Fire Chief, Police Chief, or Public Works Director, who will maintain the status for three years.

The council will also hear a presentation from LARP for an update on the community garden. Fire Chief Moore will also ask the council to approve the department hiring three additional temporary or seasonal firefighters for support through the peak fire season. The benefit would be extra hands to help with weed abatement, Equipment testing, supporting emergency calls, and having more staff on hand to respond to out-of-county fires throughout the state, bringing additional revenue into the city. Chief Moore says a 7 to 8-day deployment offsets the 30,000 dollars it would cost the department to hire the proposed three new positions. Wednesday’s meeting will begin at 5 pm at City Hall.