Susanville City Council Prioritizes Spending of ARPA Funds


Around 50 items have been prioritized by the Susanville City Council for the allocation of ARPA funds.

Under the American Rescue Plan Act, the city was granted approximately $3.5 million, with a spending deadline of December 31 of this year. Notably, recent developments from the U.S. Department of Treasury’s final rule have relaxed restrictions on these funds, now integrated into the city’s General Fund and available for discretionary spending, as outlined by City Manager Dan Newton.

As of now, the council holds $2.5 million for allocation. The upcoming January 17th meeting is designated for deliberations on how to utilize these funds. Previous discussions have considered directing resources towards areas such as economic development, marketing, and city facility repairs, informed by both public and council input.

The top 5 prioritized items include the Code Enforcement Abatement Fund, Repair Tennis Courts, Building Façade Vouchers, Animal Control Program Funding, and Sewer Capacity Study.

With the prospect of a new city council taking office in a few months, there is a growing concern within the community about whether the current council should be making decisions regarding these funds.

The council is set to convene this Wednesday, with City Hall doors opening at 5 pm.

Agenda can be found below.