Susanville City Council Discusses ARPA Funds, SE Gateway Project, and Skatepark Project


A new skatepark project, ARPA funds, and the start of the SE gateway project will be discussed at this week’s Susanville City council meeting.

SHINE is a faith-based youth outreach program led by John Chan. He will present to the city their progress on current projects as well as present a new proposal for a future skatepark project.

That discussion will be followed by the mayor signing an agreement with CALTRANS to begin the SE Gateway Project that aims to improve walking access and safety at the entrance of the city along SR36 with the addition of solar street lights, benches, trash bins, and bike racks. The project was initially presented to the council in 2018. The almost 2.3 million dollar project would be funded through STIP funds from federal transportation funds. Yet, an annual maintenance cost estimated at 5,000 to 7500 dollars would fall onto the city.

Then the council will pick up the conversation about using the remaining ARPA funds, as the city has earmarked 1.5 million of the 3.5 for economic development.
The council meets this Wednesday at 5 pm in City Hall.