Susanville Allocates Final Balance of ARPA Funds


After four hours of communication and discussion, the City Council provides direction to staff regarding the remaining ARPA funds.

City Hall was packed wall to wall, standing room only, extending into the lobby. Staff and council heard from 30-plus people expressing their support and excitement for the proposed Susanville Performing Arts Center. Common themes from the supporters include “opportunity for local talent” increase economic revenue” and an outcry desiring a social gathering opportunity to build community connections.
Susanville Little League, The Historical Society, Susanville Fire Department and Elks Lodge are among other representatives that expressed their desire for funding.

Back and forth conversations among Council members and questions directed to staff, a 4-1 decision was determined to allocate $930k for a new fire engine, $100k for Elks Lodge improvements, $450k for a performing arts center, $244k for museum storage, $143k for little league bathroom improvements, and $150k for code enforcement abatement.