Supervisors Vote to Approve Trash Service Rate Increase in Plumas County


Trash service in Plumas County may see an increase in rates. The board of supervisors today will hold a public hearing at 10 am for a proposed rate increase for both residential and commercial services for Feather River Disposal and Intermountain Disposal. If you are serviced by Feather river you may see an increase of nearly 6 and a half percent, while if you get trash service from Intermountain Disposal you could see an increase of almost 9%. The supervisors will have to make a roll call vote to approve the rate increases. Last year following the Dixie fire rate increase was delayed as the supervisors were dissatisfied with the level of service provided to those impacted by the fire stating some areas were at a health risk given the amount of trash piling up from lack of service to the region. With a promise and proven improvement, the supervisors voted out of obligation to the last round of rate increases. With continual satisfactory service, the supervisors may move to approve this latest increase. The Board meets today starting at 10 am at the Courthouse in Quincy. You can attend in person or virtually by visiting