The Superbloom for California is in question this year. The Superbloom takes place in Southern California. However, you can catch a beautiful flower bloom by Folsom Lake. The Superbloom is done in stages with a prolonged period of drought; then, a drier-than-average condition causes the wildflowers seeds to lay dormant and build up rather than bloom. When we receive a rainy season, if consistent throughout a season, the wildflowers can produce into bloom. So far this season, Northern California has received 150%of of the average rainfall. However, more than half of the rain came in three weeks from late December through mid-January, leaving 60% into Sacramento for showers. With winds picking up and more snow, seedlings can be ripped from the soil. Peak season does happen mid-February and lasts through June. If we see the Superbloom, you can catch these blooms around Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Malibu Creek State Park—Death Valley in Mojave and Lake Elsinore. If traveling to these locations, especially the Elsinore location, ensure they are open to the public.