Students Live and Work in Modoc NF to Care for Trail Systems


A team of students is taking care of the trail systems in Modoc County through the SCA trails program. The 5 students live and work for up to 20 weeks in the national forest to improve country trails for recreation. This season the team is focusing on the Owl Creek trail in the south Warner Wilderness as well as the Red Tail Rim Trail and Pit River Trail. Past trail systems have included Pine Creek Trail, Emerson Loop Trail, Summit Trail, and Cedar Creek Trail. The SCA Crew is currently preparing for a tour in the South Warner Wilderness. Assisted by our Forest Service regional packer. It is close to 15 miles long and runs north to south. This trail spans the South Warner Mountains’ interior basins. From Pepperdine Campground north to East Creek Campground south, it will be cleared for equestrians & pack stock. If you would like to know more about the SCA Trails Program or current trail conditions on Modoc NF, you are invited to call or email Joshua Mefford, Modoc NF Trail Coordinator, [email protected] or 530-708-1909.


Photo credit: Modoc National Forest Facebook