Sierra Supervisors Hold Public Hearing on Waste Fee

Next Tuesday the Sierra County Board of Supervisors will determine if there will be a new fee for solid waste disposal. The fee will impact nearly 2200 properties with a fee of 367 dollars per year, and for nonresident users a rate of 20 dollars for each loose cubic yard.

The imposed fee is being considered because operational costs have increased by 2 dollars per yard across the 5 transfer stations throughout Sierra County. The budget for the solid waste system for this fiscal year has been determined at about 1.3 million dollars.

The board has considered other ways to fund the system such as imposing gate fees, though there are concerns that high gate fees could lead to an increase in illegal dumping. Additionally, gate fees are not a reliable way of getting steady funding and could lead to the closure of transfer stations or reduced hours of operations if underfunded. Opposition to the fee could mean you will have to subscribe to a solid waste collection service.

The public hearing is set for Tuesday august 23rd at 10am at the Board of Supervisor Chambers in Downieville. Notices of the public hearing on the proposed fee increase have been mailed out with instructions on submitting a letter of support or opposition.