Sierra County Bans Open Flame Fires


The Sierra County Board of Supervisors passed an Emergency Fire Ordinance banning open flame fires and charcoal/wood barbeques. All private lands within the unincorporated area and public lands within the unincorporated area of the County will no longer be able to open burn with the exception of propane stoves. The ordinance restricts you from the following activities where you may not build, maintain or attend outdoor fires such as campfires, backyard fire pits, tiki torches, portable stoves, or any other open flame fire. Yet it does allow some limited commercial exceptions, such that as a BBQ business you can still operate your wood or charcoal bbq but will have to abide by outlined guidelines, and if you are camping at private campgrounds maintained by the U.S. forest service where a full-time host is on site and water supplied by the campground you can maintain a campfire. The ordinance is in place through November 1st.