Sierra Butte Trail Stewardship Crews Push Through to Winter Weather Continuing Trail Work

Trail enthusiasts and hikers alike can rejoice in the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship’s efforts as they continue to restore and prepare trails as the thick of winter approaches.

Trail crews have made significant progress on projects throughout the area over the summer and are gearing up for winter. Until weather stops work from being completed, small crews in Quincy, Portola, and Downieville will be working on the last of the year’s projects. In Quincy, teams work on the Mt Hough Phase II Trail, building a new trail through the rugged and rocky terrain. The Portola crew is helping on Huffleberry, creating and widening turns that make it easier to climb up and faster on descents. The Downieville crew has been in maintenance mode, clearing drains and repairing tread while gearing up for the season to end.

The Sierra Butte trail stewardship has a mission to restore, maintain, and enhance recreational trails that intertwine in the counties of Plumas, Lassen, and Tahoe, with the overall goal to interconnect 15 mountain towns throughout the counties with a network of 300+ miles of trail called the Lost Sierra Route.