Seneca Hospital Joins Partnership HealthPlan as Medi-Cal Undergoes Statewide Overhaul


Seneca Hospital Joins Forces with Partnership HealthPlan for Enhanced Medi-Cal Coverage, as those covered by Medi-Cal across 10 northern California counties make the switch.

As of January 1, 2024, Plumas and Sierra counties were included in the significant changes to Medi-Cal health plans to be In compliance with new statewide requirements for quality and accessibility. This transition, which impacted a total of 1.2 million Medi-Cal members, is contributed to a shake-up in the state’s contracts with managed care providers.

Seneca Healthcare District and Lake Almanor Clinic assure their patients they have seamlessly transitioned to join Partnership HealthPlan as providers, ensuring access to primary and specialty care and hospital services.

Plumas Public Health has stated that new Medi-Cal cards should have been issued at the start of the year, yet those on Medi-cal can sign up and print new ID cards through the Partnership Member Portal if they have not received theirs.

For more information regarding Partnership and Seneca Healthcare District, you can call 833-227-3743.