Sacramento Dmv and CHP host an Autonomous Workshop

The Sacramento DMV and CHP are opening up a DMV public workshop on Autonomous Vehicles. Since 2016 Tesla has been involved in 35 crashes resulting in 19 deaths where vehicles were in “Autopilot” or “Full Self-Driving Systems.” In2023 of November a 8-car pile up crash on the San Francisco Bay Bridge was due to a Tesla changing lanes into the far left lane and then abruptly braking.  Driver stated that the vehicle was in Self Driving Mode. In 2021 reports show fatalities to be reported from Driver Assistance in Tesla. November 2022 a family traveling on Devils Corral steered off the cliff while in Self Driving Mode. In Ohio, a vehicle crashed into a stopped CHP vehicle with flashing lights on while the Tesla was in Autopilot. The Systems allows Tesla Vehicles to allow braking and steering to be done automatically within their lanes however, not driving themselves. In June 2022, NHTSA upgraded its defect investigation into 830,000 Tesla vehicles with Autopilot before the recall was made. The Sacramento DMV is opening up a one day only workshop to discuss regulations governing the testing and operation of Autonomous Vehicles and safety. This workshop is to be held January 27, at 9a.m. at the Harper Alumni Center in Sacramento.