Re-Building Greenville Resource Center to Open at New Location


The Rebuilding Greenville Resource center will be available for your Dixie fire recovery help by next week. The resource center has been relocating from its temporary Crescent Mills location into a new permanent site to better serve all affected by the Dixie Fire. The space will be open for case management services, group meetings, workshops, and heating/cooling assistance on March 16th. If you have donated or are in need of Donated items, those will soon be displayed in storage containers on a neighboring lot, currently you can access or list all donated items on the centers facebook page. If you wish to help the center they are looking for loaned or donated storage containers to set up that physical location for browsing the donated items. The new location will be at the Crescent Country building at 15771 Highway 89 in Crescent Mills.


Photo from Greenville Resource Center Facebook