Quincy’s Jr/Sr High School Active Shooter Drill Highlights Emergency Response Strengths


Yesterday’s active shooter drill at Quincy’s Jr/Sr High School helped identify the coordinated strengths of the dozen-plus emergency responder agencies and school staff.

Over 70 volunteers, 30 role players, and 20 support staff completed the exercise with the purpose of testing local law enforcement, emergency medical services, school staff, and community partners in their response efforts were such a threat to fall upon school facilities.

Plumas Public Health says, “The next step in this process is creating an AfterAction Report using exercise evaluations, participant feedback, notes from debriefing, and role player assessments. Based on this information, strengths and areas of improvement will be identified, resulting in the development of an Improvement Plan.

More full-scale exercises like this will likely return to other campuses around the county.


Photo curtosey Plumas Public Health