Plumas Wildfire Recovery Newsletter April 21, 2021


Update on Recovery Status

Debris Removal continues in both Warner Valley and Frenchman Lake.

District Attorneys of Plumas, Lassen, Tehama, Shasta and Butte Counties announced theyhave reached a settlement with PG&E over that company’s responsibility for the 2021 DixieFire.

Plumas County to receive 17-million in good faith contributions to county non-profits, thanksto settlement reached with PG&E by the North State District Attorneys.

DA Hollister answers questions about the settlement in this release (see link or QR code)

A Bi-Monthly Newsletter for Plumas County
THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 2022 | 9:00 AM
Dixie Fire CollaborativeImportant Dates
Alternate Program:
Total: 114
Returned: 45
Debris Removal: 78
Debris Removal
Debris Removal
State Program:
Total: 681
Returned: 307
Debris Removed: 579

Meeting with HUD and HCD to discuss the devastating impacts of the 2021 wildfires:
On Wednesday (4/13/2022) Sheriff Johns and Emergency Services Coordinator Pam Courtright met witha multitude of other agencies to have a conversation about the fire recovery process to include:community fire breaks, defensible space and home hardening. They met in Indian Falls, Greenville and Canyon Dam. In addition, to the items above, they discussed burn scar area hazards, infrastructuredamage and debris clean up progress. This time was also used to speak with representatives from HUD(Housing and Urban Development) about local impacts vs what HUD’s methodology is in regard to costrecovery.

Successful mission with Team Rubicon. Volunteers had a great time collecting and salvaging the historic bricks from the Way Station andMasonic Lodge. Big thank you to Team Rubicon for cooridnating this event!


Dixie Fire CollaborativeImportant Dates: Sat, May 21st: 11:00-1:00 pmCommunity Re-Build Meeting atGreenville Elementary Cafeteria