Plumas Supervisors Will not Allocate ARPA Funding to Expanding Broadband Services


Plumas Board of Supervisors take broadband funding off the docket for use of APRA funds. 1.8 million had been set aside to go towards bolstering broadband across the county, yet Supervisor Greg Hagwood shared that local telecommunication companies are receiving 10s of millions from the Biden Administration as part of the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure plan, therefore the need for the board to allocate the funds to broadband are not neccessary. The supervisors will now look to allocate 450k to the sheriff’s department for a new computer system to replace the outdated system currently being used. The remaining amounts will then go towards local businesses in the form of grants to help in their recovery from COVID losses. Funds must be allocated within the next two years and spent by the next 4 years.