Plumas Forest Service Says Prepare for Variable Weather


Plumas Forest Service warns you of variable weather this weekend and to be prepared for shifting conditions. Whether you plan a day hiking trip, camping, or fishing trip weather is expected to change throughout the next few days from hot temperatures to strong gusty winds then onto cooler temperatures with possible thunderstorms. The forest sustained multiple locations of damage due to last weekend’s thunderstorms that produced lightning mainly around the Belden area, dumped over an inch of rain within an hour in other areas, and the Feather River also saw a significant increase of sediment, logs, and debris with the passing storm. You can expect the same conditions if this storm produces heavy rainfall. Areas through the Dixie burn scar are exceptionally hazardous if you are nearby recreating, the FS warns you to be mindful of eroding soil, falling trees, and potential slides. There has also been an increase in bear activity at some campsites. the forest service continues to monitor and assess its many trails and recreation sites with many of the remaining open for the summer season. The hwy 70 closure has impacted travel to some sites in the Feather River canyon that are still open. You will need to travel west on 70 down the canyon from Quincy to access these. Visit for more information on the conditions of the forest