Plumas Fire Safe Council Takes New Approach to Wildfire Prepardness Education


The Plumas Fire Safe Council is taking a unique approach to fire safety education with a Wildfire Safety Tour. This Saturday the council has arranged homeowners to open up their properties to help you learn how you can better prepare your home for the upcoming fire season. You will have the chance to meet with the selected home owners to discuss home hardening projects, fuels reduction, evacuation preparedness and defensible space. The tour is free to attend gives you an in-depth look at real techniques used to make homes more defensible in the case of wildfire. You can visit Plumas fire safe dot org slash tour to browse the map of participating homes throughout the county and see what features of wildfire safety they will have. The self guided tour begins at 10, and will run through 3pm. Participating homes will be marked with a lawn sign that says “Wildfire Preparedness Tour”. To get any of your questions answered about the tour you can Email [email protected]