Plumas Feral Cat Spay-a-Thon Successful


Feral cats have become a nuisance in Plumas County since the Dixie fire left many abandoned and lost.

Earlier this year the County board of supervisors allocated 10,000 dollars from PG&E settlement funds to assist in the spay and neutering of these strays to help curb their proliferation.

Two non-profits, friends of Plumas County Animal and Plumas Animal Welfare Society, along with county animal control, over 40 volunteers, and two veterinary doctors, organized a one-day spay and netter project in October in Taylorsville with the funds.

7k went to purchase traps, with the remainder of the funds going towards vaccinations of the strays, spay and neuter kits, insurance, and payment to the vets for their time.

A total of 96 cats were trapped, 82 of those undergoing 12 hours of surgeries. One organizer and coordinator of one non-profit said the spay-a-ton was an “unequivocal success”, bringing the total number of spayed or neutered strays by the non-profits up to 194.

A second Spay-a-thon is planned for March and a third possibly in the Fall.

Organizers said work will be ongoing, and several operations like this will have to be completed before the cat population gets under control.


Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash