Plumas District Hospital OB Program Faces Staffing Shortage


For a second time expecting moms planning deliveries at Plumas District hospital will be diverted to another facility. This is the second time in under a year that the hospital has had to put their OB deliveries on diversion, the first beginning of staffing issues and revamping of the program. The reason this time around was detailed in a special meeting of the board on June 3rd where chief executive officer JoDee Read said OB nursing staff do not feel that one labor OB registered nurse is safe for mothers and babies during delivery. It is standard to have two and is not always possible. It is expected that OB services are will be on a diversion through September 1st. PDH currently has two nurses on staff and two traveling nurses yet seven are needed to maintain dual coverage. The risk of losing the OB program is eminent with recruitment, training, and retention challenges, and could mean a big loss for the hospital and the threat of losing young families in the area. The board will hold a regular meeting this Thursday at 4 pm to discuss the matter further and make a determination. You can attend in person in the administration building’s conference room or virtually on zoom.