Plumas County and Lake Almanor Foundation to Begin Partnership in Chester Town Plaza Project

The county of Plumas and the Almanor Foundation is seeking an agreement to team up and make the Chester Plaza a reality. The county owns the proposed site at Chester Park and the foundation has the vision to make improvements to it. These include constructing a plaza that can provide outdoor community activities throughout most of the year such as an ice-skating rink, a covered structure for winter activities, and fountains for children to run through during the summer. Susan Bryner a board member of the foundation and Chelssa Outland treasurer of the Chamber of commerce presented this vision to the board of supervisors this week. Planning Director Terry Ferguson says the planned uses do comply with the zoning of the property. Bryner said that there are funds available for the project, and the Almanor Foundation would be the fundraising entity, seeking grants and donations, Supervisor Hagwood responded to the proposal that “The county singlehandedly is in no position to make this happen,” but glad there are individuals willing to take on this project. Supervisor Goss and Thrall will be a part of a committee to represent the board as discussions on the project get underway.