Pipe Bursts in Golf Course Clubhouse

Subfreezing temperatures cause a pipe to burst at Diamond mountain golf course just about one month before the season opens. The Susanville city council will convene a special meeting Tuesday to authorize the emergency repairs to the facility.

City Administrator Dan Netwon detailed in the report that the pipe in the ceiling of the clubhouse had burst despite the facility maintaining a temperature of 55 degrees due to the cold temperatures. Since the course is in its off-season, the leak went unnoticed for a few days. Yet, luckily, the Golf Course Manager responded quickly and removed the water immediately, resulting in mild water damage. Furniture and all items have been removed from the facility as well to allow the beginning of the drying-out phase, which will happen over the weekend.

The building is insured, and the necessary repairs will be covered through insurance. The city says they do not anticipate this to delay the opening of the course in Mid-March. To ensure that does happen, repairs must be completed immediately. The council will meet on the 31st at 8 am to authorize emergency repairs and withgo the public contract bidding process.