News Laws Coming to CA, July 1


With June nearly half over and July right around the corner, here are the new laws going into effect July 1, and what you need to know.

Firearm Industry Regulation (AB 1594):
The Firearm Industry Responsibility Act enforces stricter regulations on firearm dealers. It requires them to implement measures preventing the sale of guns to traffickers and individuals prohibited from owning firearms. The law also allows victims of gun violence, public officials, and the Attorney General to sue firearm industry members for violations.

Sealing Criminal Records (SB 731):
Senate Bill 731 allows individuals to permanently seal almost all convictions on their criminal records if they have completed their incarceration and have been conviction-free for at least four years. This law aims to help approximately 225,000 Californians by automatically sealing old convictions, with another million eligible to petition for a seal, excluding sex crimes.

Overtime Rule Changes:
The Department of Labor’s new overtime rule increases the standard salary level for overtime eligibility. Starting July 1, salaried workers earning less than $844 per week will be eligible for overtime pay. The threshold will increase again on January 1, 2025, and every three years thereafter to keep pace with wage data.

Transparency in Pricing:
A new price transparency law requires businesses to disclose the actual cost of services upfront. This aims to reduce hidden fees and ensure consumers are fully informed about the prices they will pay.

Drug Testing Kits in Bars and Restaurants:
Businesses with “on-sale general public premises” alcohol licenses, such as bars and restaurants, must sell drug-testing kits at a price close to wholesale cost. Additionally, these businesses are required to display a notice stating, “Don’t get roofied! Drink spiking drug test kits available here. Ask a staff member for details.”

Affordable Housing Acts (AB 2011 and SB 6):
These laws streamline the construction of affordable, multifamily housing on areas zoned for office, retail, or parking use. They also enhance health benefits and wage laws for construction contractors.

Juneteenth as a State Holiday (AB 1655):
Adds June 19, or Juneteenth, as a California state holiday.

Teacher Pension Protections (AB 1667):
Prohibits CalSTRS from requiring teachers to repay overpayments detected in audits.

Crackdown on Online Sale of Stolen Goods (SB 301):
Requires high-volume third-party sellers to provide contact information and bank account numbers.

Electronic Restraining Orders (AB 2960):
Allows requests and petitions for restraining orders related to domestic violence or gun control to be filed electronically.

Bounty Hunter Licensing (AB 2043):
Requires bounty hunters to be licensed, trained, and registered.

These laws reflect California’s ongoing efforts to address public safety, support workers’ rights, and enhance consumer protections.