New Restrictions Coming for Sierra County Airbnb


Tomorrow the Sierra County board of supervisors will determine an ordinance on Short Term Rentals in the county. Initially discussed during the board’s September 6th meeting, the ordinance’s language was determined to be unclear and was brought back on September 20th for further discussions.

The requirement for property owners to have owned the home for two years before getting a permit for short-term rentals was still under consideration. This would help free up available housing for locals and new hires and not act as a deterrent to establishing permanent residents throughout the county.

Newly discussed pertained to those operating Airbnb illegally, with the proposed ordinance addressing the cheating on Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) with a clause to have permits suspended and precluded from reapplying for 1-2 years.

Other language to be put in the ordinance include a permit that would not be transferrable and would hold a two-year moratorium once sold. Permit terms would also be given on a performance basis. County staff will bring back an association of costs and fees will be established before the ordinance is in effect.

The supervisors meet tomorrow at 9 am at the courthouse in Downieville.