New Quincy Courthouse on track

Quincys’ new Courthouse project is back on track. The project is in the site selection phase, requires almost two acres, and is expected to be located in the heart of Quincy. The project is funded by judicial branch revenues and allows the existing current 4-story courthouse to remain standing. The original courthouse was built in 1921; however, it does not function to existing codes needed now for modern technology. It is stated not to be functional and safe and has technical difficulties that have made it hard to administer court operations using modern technology. This project has been an ongoing 10-year discussion of upgrades needed for the workers. Due to the state budget Act of 2011-2012 which contained cuts to the judicial branch budget, the new courthouse project had to be put on hold. The new two-story Courthouse is expected to be completed in the year 2029. This will increase the courts’ ability to provide quality services and access to justice for the community. It will include three courtrooms, public waiting areas, space for jurors to assemble, attorney-client interview rooms, self-help offices, and holding areas for in-custody defendants.