More Tricks and Less Treats this Halloween – Candy Prices Soar

Will homes be handing out more tricks and fewer treats this Halloween night as inflation soars and candy prices reach all-time highs?

The average family this year is expected to spend over 100 dollars on Halloween décor, costumes, and candy. Prices alone on the sugary confections are up over 13%.

U.S. candy makers say the jump is from inflation driving up labor costs and the price of ingredients, including sugar, milk, and flour. The Labor Department shows these ingredients increasing by over 8% from September one year ago. found that a Twix bar will cost you 53% more this year than last, Skittles are up by 41%, and the #1 favorite candy of the spooky holiday, Reese’s, has risen by 35%.

Frighteningly high prices down the candy aisle are leaving many shoppers in horror, some opting to hand out less candy or leave the lights off and forgo the holiday fun altogether.