Minimal Rain with Latest Storm But Brings Much-Needed Water


The area got some much-needed rain over the weekend with a windy storm passing through. The storm also produced some lightning yet, despite the dry conditions and minimal strikes no known ignitions were detected. Overall the area received light rain totals with the most being recorded by the Reno national weather service, in Quincy and Forest Ranch around a third to a two-thirds inch of water.

As today kicks off National recreational Fishing and Boating week Lake Almanor had a good dose of rain with this storm helping keep lake levels high. Though recent warmer temperatures have made lake levels begin to drop for the first time in months as recorded by the Almanor Fishing Report by John Crotty. He also shows Water temperatures holding steady around the sixty-degree mark. The famous Hex hatch that brings many fishermen out by the dozens has yet to happen but is nearing as well. You can expect heavier use of the lake when the hatch begins. Also if headed out to the lake there continue to be traffic delays due to Dixie Fire restorations efforts and summer construction. Plan ahead for extra drive times. Find out more about recreational boating and fishing at and learn how your participation in these activities can help conserve and restore aquatic natural resources.