Memorial Weekend Nears- Eagle Lake Recreation Area Remains in Vendor Limbo

No confirmed vendor has been identified ahead of the Memorial Day weekend for the Eagle Lake Recreation Area brings growing concerns from the community. Following the resignation of the former operators The Eagle Lake Ranger District and the Lassen superintendent’s office continue to have many concerns brought forward from you following who will be operating the highly popular facilities. As the situation stands no vendor has been found yet there are several interested parties. Currently, the vendor permit will be suspended from the Lassen College Foundation for the year, and the forest service staff and camp hosts will be running the campgrounds until further notice. Due to lack of staffing Christie campgrounds remain closed, Yet Merrill, Eagle, West Eagle, and Aspen Grove will be open. The Marina store will be closed, and the restrooms at the marina will only be open for this holiday weekend. As the lake waters calm down a low water dock will be installed as well. If you have any further questions you can reach out to the Eagle Lake Ranger District at 257-4188. With the several inquiries and interests, a vendor is expected to be selected in the coming weeks.