Marijuana Enforcement Operation in Ravendale


Lassen County Sheriff PRESS RELEASE

Marijuana Enforcement Operation in Ravendale

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office served a criminal search warrant at a parcel in Ravendale, Lassen County, CA, on Wednesday 06/30/2021. The warrant was served as part of an investigation into a large-scale illegal marijuana cultivation operation. Upon reaching the property, deputies observed two persons fleeing on foot from the far end of the grow operation. Based on the size of the grow, and the amount of unsecured property (greenhouses, trailers, etc.) between them and the suspects, the deputies chose not to pursue the persons. Deputies and detectives meticulously searched and secured illegal cultivation site. The illegal cultivation operation was found to consist of, multiple recreational vehicle and outbuildings, along with ninety-seven (97) greenhouses, three (3) water storage ponds, and extensive lighting and irrigation systems. During the search, detectives also located four loaded firearms that were seized.

With the assistance of the Susanville Police Department, Susanville Fire Department, Lassen County Planning and Building Services, Lassen County Code Enforcement, Lassen County Administration, and the Lassen County Probation Department, the Sheriff’s Office was able to safely abate the illegal grow operation and destroy more than 22,000 marijuana plants.

The Sheriff’s Office is aware of numerous illegal cultivation operations in Lassen County. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with Lassen County Code Enforcement on abatement operations, as well as conducting criminal investigations as time and resources permit.