Loyalton Losing Olympic Sized Swimming Pool Worth of Water Weekly due to Main Line Leak


Enough water to fill over one Olympic-sized swimming pool is leaking under the City of Loyalton each week. The city’s Main Water line has been compromised and was the main topic discussed during the City Council meeting. A community member shared he toured the leak and discovered it is spilling 100,000-200,000 gallons of per day, enough to fill 1-1/2 Olympic pools per week. Councilman Jerry Gerow said there might be other leaks too. The council discussed three options, to spend over half a million dollars to lay 1200 feet of new pipe, for which a grant has already been applied for, spend 125,000 to Abandon and replace 300 feet of new line, or Shut off the valve and hope a 6-inch can sustain the pressure with no cost upfront and no new line. Though this option is riskier as it could cause multiple leaks. The City is checking with contractors and getting dates and hopes for an answer next week. The City has posted notices on your doors for no outside watering for one week, due to overuse and to help the main well recuperate its loss.