Loyalton Fire Department Enhances Wildland Firefighting with a New Off-Road Brush Truck


The Loyalton Fire Department (LVFD) proudly unveils a new off-road brush truck, reinforcing their firefighting capabilities when tackling wildfires. Crafted for rugged conditions, the specialized vehicle will allow the LVFD to navigate challenging terrains often inaccessible to larger apparatus, increasing their ability to respond quickly to remote areas.

The brush truck accommodates up to four firefighters and transports 450 gallons of water alongside crucial equipment, with off-road capabilities enabling it to access the rough terrains of the county.

Notably, purchasing the new brush truck was only made possible through the fundraising efforts of the fire department’s volunteers, who raised an impressive $207,000 through the Department’s wildland program.

While volunteer-based, LVFD members and the Department are compensated for aiding other agencies during wildfire emergencies. The new off-road brush truck will bolster these efforts while solidifying ties within the local community.

Prior successes include procuring a type 3 wildland engine from Truckee Meadows Fire and a 2000-gallon water tender. These additions exemplify LVFD’s commitment to equipping the Department and maintaining essential firefighting tools.

Fire Chief Shawn Heywood emphasized the ongoing need for passionate volunteers willing to contribute to community safety. If you want to volunteer as a firefighter, you can connect with the Fire Chief through Loyalton City Hall.