Loyalton Continues Fight to Stop FEMA Flood Plain Designation


The city of Loyalton continues to fight its battle with FEMA over a projected flood plain designation. Tim Beals Sierra county public works, roads, and transportation director updated the board of supervisors during this week’s meeting on the current situation. After months of phone meetings with FEMA frustration continues to build as Beals says communication is disjointed and lacking in FEMA participation and current commitments from FEMA have fallen to the wayside. Beals informed the supervisors, that negotiations are close to returning back to the board for discussion before going political with the issue. The city and county are fighting hard against the flood plain designation for multiple reasons as it will be detrimental on many levels. Tim Beals comments on the model that was produced by FEMA saying it will impact mortgages, property, and the economy with negative consequences. This discussion will be continued as an agenda item for next month’s board of supervisors meeting with the request that Beals attempt to bring in a FEMA representative. A July meeting has yet to be announced, but the board meets typically on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month.