Lions, Bears, and Wolves, Oh My! Lassen Supervisors Hear Updates from CDFW


Lions, bears, and wolves; the Lassen County Supervisors hear a line almost like one from the Wizard of OZ, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) presented to the board the state of these animals presence within Lassen County. Supervisor Gallagher specifically addressed the Humane Society’s petition to suspend all bear hunting. The organizations goal is to establish a new management plan, address the impacts wildfires have had on bear populations, as well as get new population counts. That petition was received in February to the CDFW where it now awaits a recommendation to be submitted to the Fish and Game Commission who will vote to reject or accept it based on that recommendation. There will be no comment period from the public during this process. Yet the CDFW representative, Brian Ehler, did state the CDFW’s reccomendation would be made public. The board also heard from CDFW on the 2020 mountain lion policy and new 2022 bear policy for depredation. Both state deterrents must be attempted prior to receiving permits for taking of either animal. The supervisors were concerned with the limited tracking distance a person may follow a mountain lion that has killed animals on their property. As it is limited to only 10 miles. The supervisors said with only 10% of that lions territory being enforced it is simply not practical. For bears Brian Ehler with CDFW shared the latest policy updates in that electric fencing will be part of the steps to deter bears as well as only one offense by the bear is needed before a depredation permit would be issued. The supervisors have asked to have the department return to a future board meeting to address wolf depredation as it remains a running issue.