LCSO To Hold Public Meeting on Use of Military Equipment


A new law regarding “military equipment” has been enacted, requiring the sheriff’s office to make policy changes.

Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon shared with the community that On January 1 of last year, the new law, Ab 481, went into effect, mandating a policy to be established requiring law enforcement agencies to get approval from the local governing body to use and have military equipment as well as hold a public meeting to allow you the chance to review that equipment, ask questions, and determine if the community wants to have these tools used in the county.

This state law has responded to the opposition to militarizing law enforcement agencies, which some say borders excessiveness. Yet Sheriff Growdon has stated this equipment benefits deputies and the community. The Sheriff adds the department has received the blessing of the board of supervisors to continue use of their current arsenal under an urgency ordinance approved in September. During the upcoming public meeting, it will be your opportunity to learn more and have a voice in the process of adopting a regular ordinance.

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office will host this meeting on March 22 at 6:00 PM at the sheriff’s office in Susanville. If you’re interested, you are encouraged to attend.