Lassen Volcanoes Hold 1st Annual Eastern Sierra Splashdown


Lassen Volcanoes welcomes to the community pool its first competitive swim competition. The team will be hosting the Plumas Rapids for the first annual Eastern Sierra Splashdown. The meet will be the first dual meet the Lassen Volcanoes have put together since their beginning just a few years ago. The event will have competitive swimming events for all ages and levels and is an additional effort to include team swimmers who will not be traveling to the bigger meets this summer. Ribbons will be awarded and the overall winning team will take home the Eastern Sierra Splashdown Trophy for one year until Susanville and Quincy rematch at next year’s Splashdown. The community is welcomed to cheer on the swimmers and enjoy concessions. There will also be a silent auction to help raise funds for the team. The Eastern Sierra Splashdown will be held Wednesday, June 29, from 5:00-7:00p, at Honey Lake Valley Community Pool.