Lassen Supervisors Submit 1st GSA Report for Big Valley Basin


For now land owners in Big Valley will be able to keep control of their wells thanks to the forced creation of the Big Valley Groundwater Basin Sustainability Agency (GSA), comprised of both Lassen and Modoc Counties. In a milestone long awaited the Lassen County Board of Supervisors submits the first report of the Big Valley GSA plan to the Department of Water Resources. This report is being required by the state to show the basin is sustainable as art of the Department of Water Resource’s Sustainability Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). This first report is the result of 5 years of studies, long meetings, and millions of dollars spent. Supervisor Albaugh who has seen the project through to its entirety, knowing the complications and hard work required offered strong advice to other local basins, “Let this be the shot that is heard that no other basins in Lassen fall to.” Each year the Big Valley Basin GSA will have to generate a report detailing the basins sustainability before April 1st.