Lassen Supervisors Seek out Evening Venue for Cannabis Cultivation Ordinance Hearing


Lassen County Board of Supervisors listen to the community and make a move to hold an evening meeting on the hearing of the cannabis cultivation ordinance. In one week the Supervisors have asked staff to arrange an extension of the board’s regular ordinance consideration hearing to an alternative location during evening hours to accommodate the community. due to the intense community response and concern to be heard on the matter District 2 Supervisor Gary Bridges proposed the evening meeting. Supervisor Albaugh also favored the decision saying “let’s get this done right and let the poeple have a say.” Although the county will be spending extra money to host the meeting elsewhere and possibly incur staff overtime, County Administrator Richard Egan stated it would not be a budget busting issue. A release on the details of the evening meeting will follow as a location is determined.