Lassen Supervisors Discuss Westwood Chamber Upgrades, Step Increases, and Permanent Supportive Housing


The Lassen County Board of Supervisors will meet today over a relatively light agenda just ahead of the holiday weekend.

Following the recognition committee of county employees for their years of service and a proclamation to recognize two county staff, the Supervisors will be in a public hearing at 10 am. This will discuss the Westwood Chamber of Commerce requesting to use state grant funding to improve the facility. Health and social services were made aware of the CBGB funding availability in April. Several other projects were brought to the table earlier this summer. Yet, it was determined those projects, including Spaulding CSD and Westwood’s CSD, either needed immediate funding or could use other sources to complete their respective projects.

Health and social services will also be updating several job positions within the department also to include a step increase that was approved for when the September budget was approved.

The last agenda item will be declaring county land parcels in Susanville as surplus to develop permanent supportive housing units. The county is required by law to state the property as surplus or exempt before selling or leasing the grounds.

Supervisor meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at the board’s chambers on Nevada street in Susanville.