Lassen Sheriff’s Office Seeks Comments on OHV Grants


The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office has announced they want your input regarding their participation in the California State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Program. The preliminary applications are now available for review on the program’s website at

The public review period starts tomorrow and will run until May 1st. Questions or comments about the application may be submitted to the program’s website. You can contact Sergeant Dustin Russell at the Sheriff’s office for direct questions.

The Sheriff’s Office has plans to maintain its patrol time in designated OHV areas and trails throughout the county, which have seen an increase in usage. Lassen County is a popular destination for OHV enthusiasts from all over the state and beyond. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office is committed to ensuring these areas’ safe operation and protection for years to come.

The Sheriff’s Office has also scheduled an open meeting on Wednesday, March 21st, at 5 o’clock at the Sheriff’s office on Sheriff Cady Lane in Susanville. You are invited to attend this meeting and express your opinions or concerns regarding the Sheriff’s participation in the State Parks OHV Grant Program.