Lassen & Plumas Supervisors Hold Meetings Today 3/22


Two Supervisor meetings to take place today. Both Lassen and Plumas County Supervisors meet. You can attend the Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting at 9am this morning at the supervisor chambers on Nevada street. You can join the conversations about what the sheriff’s office may be planning to use the jail annex building for. There are three options being considered that include a women’s treatment facility, a re-entry facility for those about to be released, or a facility that would assist those deemed incompetent to stand trial. LMUD and public health will also discuss projects and grants with the board. Plumas county Supervisors are holding a special meeting to consider adding additional projects to the recommendations list for use of COVID relief funds as well as entering into a 1 million dollar loan for the jail rebuild. The Plumas Board of Supervisors meet at 10am at the Quincy courthouse.