Lassen High School Parking Area Expands for the Incoming School Year


Lassen High School will have a brand new expanded parking lot come the first day of School. After a three-year wait for funding the high school has finally been able to make the much-needed renovation of the front parking area that is used for much more than student parking during instruction times but also for the community during special events and performances at the Veterans Memorial Hall. Principal Superintendant Morgan Nugent said the doubling of project costs delayed the start of the project that was slated three years ago, but after saving during that time period the school has been able to get work underway, bringing an extra 11 spaces to the front parking area as well as opening the door to other much-needed repairs within the school. Nugent shared that some of those other projects needing to be completed include repaving the back parking lot, new football bleachers, and bathroom renovations but with the rising cost of materials with little end in sight, Nugent says those will have to wait but the school is working on special grant funding as well as possibly seeing a State payout for COVID repayment for being able to keep the school open during the pandemic to get those projects moving along.