Lassen F&W to Hear From Wolf Biologist on the Lassen Pack


California Department of Fish and Wildlife wolf biologist will be present to the Lassen Fish and Game commission this week. Kent Laudon, the region’s wolf guru, will be at the special meeting tomorrow in Westwood to update the commission on the Lassen wolf pack. Scientists, for the first time on record, have recently discovered a Lassen wolf was spotted across the state border after pairing with an Oregon female and establishing a den in the state. If the two produce pups, they will be considered a successful pair. Recent wolf depredation investigations over the last few months have all come back negative for being wolf-related, yet wolves of the Lassen pack have been in the nearby vicinity on the day following the animal’s death. The commission will also be hearing a presentation on Eagle Lake Levels and Bird count. You can attend the meeting tomorrow at 7 pm at the Westwood Community Center.