Lassen Fire Safe Council Welcomes New Leadership

A long-time board member of the Lassen Fire Safe council has left and the council is welcoming a new leadership team to continue the council’s mission. Ruth Morentz, the council board chair said “The board is committed to doing more projects and engaging with the local community to help the individual landowner and small organizations.” The council has planned to resume monthly public general meetings where you can engage with the organization and its partnering agencies. Tom Esgate, former Managing Director serving for nearly 20 years has left the council and by the month’s end Greenville native Cade Mohler will begin as the new Managing Director. Mohler is a Registered Professional Forester, has 15 years of experience in the public and private forestry sector, including on LFSC projects, and early career experience working in the Lassen National Forest, and comes from Sierra Pacific Industries as a District or Senior District Forester in Northeastern California. Mohler will be joined by the new Projects Coordinator and Projects Support Specialist. Since its founding in 2002, the LFSC has strategically protected Northern California communities through fuel reduction and forest restoration projects on more than 90,000 acres of private, federally managed, and tribal land.