Lassen Fire Safe Council Achieves Record-breaking Year, Treating Nearly 12,000 Acres in 2023- Announces Development of Community Fund to Support Volunteer Fire Departments


Lassen Fire Safe Council announces a record-breaking year in the number of acres treated in 2023.

Nearly 12,000 acres saw work completed to reduce the risk of wildfire around the region and better protect communities.

The LFSC team has extended its efforts beyond critical large-scale projects, focusing on initiatives to protect local communities. One notable project involves the revitalization and refocusing of the CWPP process, enhancing community protection measures. Additionally, the implementation of the Defensible Space grant and the recertification of existing Firewise communities, along with the addition of two new certified communities in Bieber/Big Valley and Doyle, highlight their dedication to safeguarding neighborhoods.

The LFSC team has played a pivotal role in supporting volunteer fire departments, facilitating the acquisition of grants, and securing funding for essential equipment maintenance, particularly for the Little Valley VFD.

A significant development in their ongoing commitment is the establishment of a Community Fund. With its inaugural focus on assisting volunteer fire departments in Lassen County, this initiative aims to bring more stability to these crucial community guardians. While details are expected to be unveiled over the next few months, the announcement of the Community Fund marks an exciting step towards bolstering the resources of volunteer fire departments.

Looking ahead, LFSC plans to extend financial support to the endeavors of Firewise communities, recognizing them as essential partners in enhancing community safety. The multifaceted approach of LFSC demonstrates a proactive stance in ensuring the well-being and resilience of communities through collaborative and sustained efforts.