Lassen County Schools Not to Close Due to Smoke


Thick smoke will continue to roll back into the region today from the mosquito fire as winds increase this afternoon. Schools in the Reno area have closed due to hazardous conditions. The Lassen County Office of Education is in contact with Public Health regarding your student’s exposure to smoke at school as it follows the California Department of Education guidelines on wildfire exposure.

Unlike regions like the greater Reno area, smoke impacts are at unhealthy levels versus the upper tier of hazardous, especially in South County, with markers reaching the red. Yet, the AQI number would have to be in the hazardous levels before a District Superintendent or school principal can choose to close their classrooms.

At This point, County Public Health recommends limiting outside time as breathing in the particles can cause irritation to the throat and lungs and harm those sensitive groups. The CA Department of Ed says districts should consider school closures when indoor air quality decline. Schools can often provide better indoor air filtration systems than most homes and can also aid in keeping children indoors. For now, air quality has not peaked at hazardous levels in the county. Yet, Patti Gundersen, Superintendant of Schools, is keeping in contact with Public Health to stay current with the latest recommendations. Health advisories remain throughout the tri-county area of Lassen, Plumas, and Sierra.