Large Scale Renovation Project and SR89 Rehabilitation to Impact Access to Burney Falls Thru Summer 2024


Last call to visit the famed waterfalls at McArthur Burney Falls State Park, at least through this summer, as the area undergoes renovation.

The planned renovations will impact access and traffic in the upcoming months. Beginning in early April and spanning the entire summer season of 2024, all access to the waterfall and fall pool area will be closed due to the reconstruction of the main trail. The good news is that the overlook viewing area will remain accessible.

The need for trail renovation arises from erosion exacerbated by heavy foot traffic, reaching over 350,000 annual visitors.

Planned improvements include repaving the Burney Falls Loop Trail, constructing a retaining wall, and installing an ADA-compliant guardrail for enhanced safety and accessibility. Simultaneously, CalTrans will embark on a major rehabilitation project along Highway 89, causing potential traffic congestion, delays, and intermittent closures near the park entrance during the same period.

Park officials do note that if you plan to make a trip before the reconstruction, several other trails within the park are temporarily closed due to storm damage-induced erosion. You can check current conditions on the park’s website.

No exact reopening date for the waterfall area has been determined.

About the Park

McArthur Burney Falls State Park, renowned for its 129-foot Burney Falls, stands as a captivating natural wonder. The park’s landscape, shaped by volcanic activity and erosion, is surrounded by mountain peaks and covered in black volcanic rock. Burney Creek, originating from underground springs, flows to Lake Britton, culminating in the spectacular Burney Falls.

Named after pioneer settler Samuel Burney, the park’s history intertwines with the McArthur family, who played a crucial role in preserving the waterfall and surrounding land from development.


Photo from CA Department of Parks and Recreation