Landslides Plague Plumas Roadways


Over a dozen new slides have halted the travel windows through the SR 70 closure. Caltrans says overnight, due to heavy rainfall from passing thunderstorms.

Over 14,500 cubic yards of material are currently on the roadway between post mile 18.75 to post mile 30.5.

Due to these slides, the timed openings at 6:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. have been stopped until further notice.

Area maintenance crews are currently working to clear the debris from the roadway. Still, according to the National Weather Service, this area could see scattered thunderstorms through Thursday night, bringing additional slides. You must find an alternative route around the closure from the Greenville wye to Jarbo gap.

Additionally, a slide has reduced hwy 89 just above the Greenville wye to one lane; you can expect delays if passing through the area.

The feather river has been diverted across Caribou Road due to two slides in the mount hough ranger district. The forest service says, “The landslides are the result of recent storms and heavy rain saturating soils,” which has only been compromised by wildfires over the past decade of 15 years. The river is flowing onto Caribou Road, flooding the road and affecting access for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The continued flooding may cause further damage to Caribou Road, yet there is no damage to PG&E facilities in the area, including dams.

An Incident Command Team is being established, and the Forest Service is working with PG&E and other partners to work on solutions.

Caribou Road is closed from the junction with California State Highway 70 at Belden to the Caribou Afterbay Dam at Belden Forebay.

Drier weather is expected after one last day of thunderstorm activity, increasing the risk of additional slides in the area today. Updates on debris removal as they become available.


Photo courtesy Plumas National Forest, Caribou Road wash out from thunderstorms