Lake Almanor Country Club Acquires Attorney in Cold Water Issue


A Lake Almanor coalition of organizations, groups, and clubs are banning together to protect the waters of Lake Almanor. A two decade old battle for rights over licensure of the lake have been burdened with regulations by the State Water Resources Control Board and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, who currently holds the license to the lake. The fear, and reason for the named “Cold Water Issue”, is that Lake Almanor will have an installation of a series of thermal curtains and dredging into the lake to remove only the coldest water to lower the downstream stretch of the Feather River by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. Members of the coalition have reched out to an attorney to file against the FERC, to give The Lake Almanor Country Club the ability to be stakeholders and guarantee a right in having a say in activities involving the license. The attorney is urging all organizations to get involved as well as suggesting that if you are concerned about the matter you can help the Lake by writing letters to FERC expressing your concerns. You can get a full background on the issue by visiting

All letters should be addressed to:
Kimberly D. Bose Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street N. E. Room 1A
Washington, D.C. 120428
If you would like to hear more please contact Wendi Durkin, Save Lake Almanor, at 289 Clifford Drive or 530-228-2683.